The Story of Paddi
The First Disposable Nappy / Diaper

Invented by Valerie Hunter Gordon

 Did you ever wonder - Who invented the first effective disposable nappy?
Or think about  -What happened before its invention?
How did mothers manage before the disposable diaper?
It is a fascinating story.
One could argue that the disposable nappy changed the lives of mothers.
It helped give them freedom to leave the home and travel and work.
A lecture on the subject was given at The National Museum of Scotland in 2001.
The conclusion of the audience was -
'Women owe a debt of gratitude to the inventor -
                 Valerie Hunter Gordon
To Valerie
From Victor Robinson
In recognition of her work in
designing, introducing the first
effective children's disposable
napkin and garment in 1947


The above was written by  Victor Robinson - Chairman of Robinson & Sons of Chesterfield in 1959


This newspaper article appeared in
The Press and Journal Newspaper
on Tuesday 25th 2005









 For yet another newspaper article
this time in the Daily Mail click here








Below - The lecture at The National Museum of Scotland